Purpose of existence ?!

What is this place and why is it created?

Date and Time of last update Sun 01 Mar 2020

This is the first blog post written to this page and its purpose is to explain why this page exists in the first place.

Who am I?

Before answering why I made it, maybe a very brief introduction of who I am is appropriate. Well, I find joy in pushing some buttons and seeing something I had in my mind appearing on a screen, and I believe this is a common thing among people who are into computer science. Although I have not studied computer science but physics, coding, web development and other interesting topics within computer science got my attention really early. Before long I realized that cyber security was particularly intriguing to me, thus I decided to follow a career in it and I am really glad I made that choice.

Why this page?

I have been involved with web development for some time and although I had some chances to create a personal page I never did it till now. What changed? I had some free time and once again I got to the situation where I wanted to remember how I fixed a particular problem I had faced before, but I considered it easy to remember and of course I forgot it! So I thought, why go through the same every time and not keep what I find interesting all together in the same place?

I should mention here that I have a page where I display web development creations and where during freelancing, clients could find me. Though, I decided to keep them seperate as I would like to give to this page a more personal touch. I am planning to use erev0s.com as a place where I can publicly post some guides or anything that I come across from now on, instead of trying to remember them or posting them on github or elsewhere.

I have to clearly state here that I do not consider myself to be an expert and not even a good writter.

What to expect from erev0s.com?

Well, for now let say I will pick to write about the things I find intriguing. Most probably the topics will be about cyber security, web development, android, SEO or even graphic designing. The frequency depends on my workload, yet I will try to post something often.

Feel free to send me any comment or idea you want to share using the contact form.